When it comes to machining, human intervention can result in errors, but a robotic machine doesn’t. The CNC milling machines are rising faster and more steadily with time. Built-in software requires commands from your side and then contributes to the formation of the end design.

The level of precision and intricacy that you can achieve with cnc milling is remarkable. You can save up more material and face low costs in product formation. This in the past not possible with traditional methods. They consume a lot of time because of extra human intervention. A beginner cannot use these methods to produce flawless components.

Another thing that needs your attention is that everyone does not possess these machines. Finding a reliable and reputable service that is trusted by many is difficult. But don’t worry, you can 3ERP in this regard. They have over 50+ high-tech machines and can produce over 10k+ monthly components. Find out more about what is cnc milling and the reasons to choose 3ERP below.

CNC Milling – Overview

CNC milling is a process that utilizes computer numeric control to select the tools and tooling paths. This process allows you to achieve the 5-axis machining at any desired angle or side. This makes the designing of complex and complicated structures super convenient.

3ERP possesses these high-tech machines and highly skilled staff. You can use their services to achieve complex and intricate designs. The well-experienced team sets the 3ERP apart from its competitors in cnc milling.

You can use 3ERP service for mold components, plastic/metal valves, medical components, cnc milled adapters, and cnc machined components.

Why 3ERP Should Be Your Go-To Source For Precision CNC Milling?

3ERP offers state-of-the-art perks when it comes to the cnc milling. Get insights on these perks down below:

Plethora of Materials

3ERP cnc milling services allow you to get your product in any material. Besides plastic and metal, the 3ERP supports marble and wood products. The main aim is to support your design’s practicality and efficiency. You can avail of the services of 3ERP for both prototype needs and final product design. Options exist for choosing the material with varying characteristics, such as high hardness, corrosion resistance, lightweight, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, melting point, etc. There is no limitation to materials.

Simple and Intuitive Process

You need to follow four steps to avail the services of 3ERP. This makes the process very simple and intuitive. These steps include providing 3D drawings or designs, receiving a quote, order confirmation, and receiving the shipment. You don’t need any assistance to familiarize yourself with the process.


3ERP cnc milling ensures tight tolerances. You can get a working tolerance of less than 0.01mm. You will get optimum clearance when you put your product in a machine or equipment. The working of your specific product will not affect the functioning of adjacent components. This promotes safety, low maintenance measures, and less wear and tear in your equipment.

Custom CNC Milling

The 3ERP offers custom CNC milling, which means you can take control of the process from A to Z. You can put forward material requirements, design requirements, specifications, number of prototypes, structure, etc. This way, 3ERP allows you to get the final product the way you want.


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