Now, imagine you’re playing a video game, but instead of it being stuck inside your phone or TV, it pops out and plays right in your own room or garden. So, if the game has a cute little dragon, with AR, it might look like the dragon is flying around your living room! If AR sounds cool, then you can see more items…

AR games use special technology to mix the game’s pretend stuff with real things you can see. It’s like making your favorite cartoons come alive and join you in your world. So, when you play AR games, you’re not just staring at a screen, you’re jumping into a magical story that happens all around you! How fun is that?

Top AR Games To Check Out Today!

Pokémon GO

Imagine Pokémon, those cute little creatures, appearing right in your neighborhood! With this game, you walk around in the real world, catch Pokémon, and have battles. It’s like turning your whole town into a big Pokémon adventure.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

If you’ve ever wished to wave a magic wand and cast spells, this game is for you! Walk around and find magical creatures, meet characters from the Harry Potter books, and solve mysteries. It’s like stepping into a magical world every time you go for a walk.

Jurassic World Alive

Love dinosaurs? In this game, dinosaurs roam your world! You can find them, collect them, and even battle with them. It feels like going back in time and having giant dinos wandering around your local park.

The Walking Dead: Our World

For those who like a little thrill, imagine zombies popping up around you! In this game, you team up with friends, fight zombies, and try to save the world. It’s like being in a movie where you’re the hero, saving the day from spooky creatures.


This one’s a bit different. Two teams compete to capture virtual territories in the real world. As you walk around, you’ll find places of interest, capture them, and join in a huge global game. It’s like a giant game of capture-the-flag, but the whole world is your playground!

Minecraft Earth

Love building in Minecraft? Now you can do it in real life! Find resources, build structures, and show off your creations. It’s like turning your backyard or local park into a giant Minecraft world where your imagination runs wild.

Knightfall AR

Dive into the medieval times! Battle enemies, protect your territory, and immerse yourself in a world of knights and castles. It’s like opening a history book and having the characters jump out to play with you.

Star Wars: Jedi Challenges

Ever dreamed of wielding a lightsaber and battling against the Dark Side? This game is your chance! Partnered with a special lightsaber controller and AR headset, players can duel with villains from the Star Wars universe, play holochess, or even command troops in battle. It’s like stepping into a Star Wars movie and becoming a true Jedi or Sith.


Trying out these games feels like peeking into hidden stories that are taking place all around us, just waiting for someone to join in and play. So, gear up and get ready for even more AR fun!


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