Have you been thinking of buying a laptop? Well, there are lots of necessary preparations and considerations to be made before you decide on which laptop is right for you. There are plenty of different brands and models to choose from and many advanced features. Whether you’re a student, professional, or gamer looking for the latest i7 windows laptop in 2022, there are a few features that you should be aware of. This will ensure you’re making an informed decision and getting the most out of your purchase.

So, to help you get the laptop that will be sufficient for your usage and meet your task requirements, this article will let you in on some of the most important features that you should look closely at while making a purchase. So, stay till the end and read carefully.

What Features To Look For?

Following are some of the most important features and specifications that a laptop should have to work better and efficiently. These specs highly affect the performance of your device.

Ram capacity

Measured in gigabytes, the full-form or RAM is ‘random access memory. RAM’s function is to store the data that the processor is processing temporarily. The existence of RAM makes it possible to run multiple apps without any hindrance and lag. But the capacity of the RAM matters, and though 4GB RAM used to be enough, in the modern-day, your laptop should have at least 8GB RAM to run all the functions smoothly. If you are a gamer or run heavy apps, you need a laptop with 16GB RAM.


The laptops give 3 options in the processor. The intel core processor comes in i3, i5, and i7. It would be best to get at least the i5 10th generation because these laptops fall in the average general-use category. But if you have more laptop-related work or gaming and use of heavy running applications, you should buy i7, which will support your apps and give you maximum speed and performance.

Hard Drive Capacity

The storage drive holds immense importance in a device like a laptop. If you do not have immense use of internal storage, you should get a machine with SSD (solid-state drive). The purpose of this, instead of getting a hard drive, is that the SSD gives 3 times more speed, it improves the performance of your device, there are fewer chances of failure, access to data becomes faster. Energy saving is way more in SSD than a hard drive.

Graphics Card

Suppose you buy a laptop for the sole purpose of gaming or editing high-definition videos. In that case, you will probably buy a laptop with high specifications, and you don’t need a graphic card as the in-built is enough. But if you still want to improve the graphics, you can use an AMD graphic card.


The display of the laptop can include the screen size and the screen resolution. If you do not have a portability issue, you can buy a laptop with a large screen; otherwise, a medium-sized screen like 12.5-14 inches can suffice. As for the resolution, your screen should be 1920x1080p.


If your work requires a lot of typing, then you should get a laptop that has a comfortable keypad. The keys should be full-sized, and there should be space around the arrows. The keyboard should be snappy when the keys are pressed and should also have a backlight to facilitate the user to navigate in the dark.

Battery Timings

A good laptop has a battery that can be used for up to 8 hours minimum.

The Take-Away

It is up to you to buy whichever brand you want, but it should have these basic features that make the laptop run smoother and makes it more efficient. Also, before buying, make sure that if your laptop gets broken, you can easily get access to its spear parts.

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